FSSCC Leadership

The Members, led by a Chair and Vice Chair, drive the strategic direction and decision making of FSSCC through sector-wide coordination. The Chair and Vice Chair facilitate coordination with, and serve as the sector representatives to, the U.S. Government. Given the nature of FSSCC, this does not include lobbying Members of Congress or their staff, or Senate-confirmed positions.

The Chair’s primary role is to foster coordination among FSSCC’s members and promote inclusive and diverse collaboration between the sector and U.S. Government. The Vice Chair’s primary role is to support the Chair in the execution of their responsibilities and represent the FSSCC in the absence of the Chair. This role is served by a senior-level individual from a Member trade association or information sharing organization.

FSSCC Office of the Chair

  • Chair
    Deborah Guild
  • Vice Chair
    Paul Benda
    American Banking Association (ABA)
  • Executive Director
    Bridgette Walsh
  • Sector Risk Management Agency
    Department of the Treasury
The FSSCC brings together the thinking of our 70+ member-partners from financial trade associations, financial utilities, and other critical financial firms. As leaders for the entire industry, we work together, share ideas, develop best practices, and publish this information for all. Learn about our members.

Management Committee

  • Kris Fador
    Bank of America
  • Chris Feeney
    Bank Policy Institute/BITS
  • Ron Green
  • Lance Noggle
  • Katheryn Rosen
    JP Morgan Chase
  • Steve Silberstein
  • Tom Wagner

Past FSSCC Chairs

Ron Green (2020-2023)

Craig Froelich (2018-2020)
Bank of America

Rich Baich (2016-2018)
Wells Fargo

Russ Fitzgibbons (2014-2016)
The Clearing House

Charles Blauner (2012-2014)
Citi Group

Jane Carlin (2010-2012)
Morgan Stanley

Shawn Johnson (2008-2010)
State Street

George Hender (2006-2008)
Options Clearing Corporation

Don Donahue (2004-2006)

Rhonda MacLean (2002-2004)
Bank of America

Highlighted Resources

Cyber Storm 2020 After-Action Report
On August 10-14, 2020, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) conducted Cyber Storm 2020 (CS 2020), the seventh iteration of the national capstone cyber exercise that brings together the public and private sectors to simulate response to a cyber crisis impacting the Nation’s critical infrastructure

Cybersecurity Profile
The FSSCC Cybersecurity Profile is now managed, updated, and maintained by the Cyber Risk Institute (CRI).

Automated FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
The Automated FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (ACAT) to provide all members of the financial services industry with an outline of the guidance and a means to collect and score their responses to the Assessment questions.

Business Services Resilience and Restoration
This white paper defines key terms used in discussions related to operational resilience, business continuity/disaster recovery, and business restoration.