The Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security (FSSCC), established in 2002, is the sector coordinator for Financial Services for the protection of critical infrastructure, focused on operational risks. Because the FSSCC fits into a larger network of industry / sector coordinating councils, it is uniquely positioned as the leader within financial services for developing strategies to improve shared critical infrastructure and homeland security.

The FSSCC's mission is further supported by Homeland Security Presidential Directive #7, which directs government agencies to identify and protect critical infrastructure. The FSSCC works closely with the Treasury as its designated Sector Specific Agency (SSA), establishing a strong public-private partnership to maintain a robust sector that is resilient against manmade or natural incidents. Members commit their time and resources to FSSCC with a sense of responsibility to their individual firms and for the benefit of consumers and the country's populace.


FSSCC Names Russell Fitzgibbons New Chair

Russell Fitzgibbons, executive vice president and chief risk officer, The Clearing House, was named as the new FSSCC Chairman during the Council's recent meeting in New York City. Fitzgibbons takes over from Charles Blauner, global head of information security for Citi, whose two-year term as the FSSCC chair included important accomplishments in improving the state of security and resilience of the financial sector. Read more.

FS-ISAC Announces CAPP Exercise Schedule for September

Registration is now open for the FS-ISAC's Cyberattacks Against Payment Processors (CAPP) exercise that will be held on September 9-10 and September 16-17. Held in conjunction with the FS-ISAC's Payments Risk Council, the exercise will consist of a simulated attack on payment processes to help participants assess their company's readiness in the event of such an event. Click here for more information.